Our History

Holy Shimpaco!, Geesh Mandango and "Can I get a job here?" are expressions often heard in Isaac's kitchen.

You never know where the B cafe might be?

A portable restaurant

We are still looking for the right place to be. Being portable, means we can set up almost anywhere. With our unique and healthy brand of cuisine, the location has to be perfect to compliment the food just so. That's why Isaac's own bamboo paradise is the perfect temporary location while we get going. Did you know that (live) bamboo has been proven to block EMF's? 

The humble beginnings

Growing up in Morro Bay, I was lucky enough to be trained by old school fisherman like my father and my wondrously skilled mother who with her subscription to gourmet magazine for as long as I can remember was a very large influence on me growing up and learning what good food tasted like.

Tending guests has always been the business of our family
Mixing tradition with fresh influences and a homey atmosphere

My promise

I only put my trust in providers who deliver the absolute freshest, locally produced sustainable and organic products.

Isaac Horton, Chef

My philosophy

I follow a holistic approach from crop to table

Freshest possible ingredients

The vitality of nature


Everything is made from scratch. I toast spices and grind them before buying pre-made anything. My homemade chai is renowned for its fearless bite and always made from the basic ingredients each morning. I pride myself on researching the best recipes to share with our wonderful customers. Much like the chai, many of my recipes are long term evolutions and completely unique to me.

Premium Quality

Farm to table is more than just a phrase at the B. We grow many of our own vegetables and all the living greens. Isaac hand-selects ingredients daily and alters the menu as seasonal foods of amazing quality become available throughout the year.

The man of the house

He was first famous in his family for his unique salsa that he "invented". Still to this day, his salsa is the food of the gods. A special savory treat with a bouquet of flavors that explode in such a unique way, its like no salsa you've ever tried before. It truly is "his invention", according to customers who can barely talk because of the natural high or are reeling in some type of self induced Scoville chart topping mouth inferno chip by chip that they just cant seem to stop. 

It turns out that Chef Isaac is also crazy about pizza. He built his own brick pizza oven and his pizza is nothing short of a simple pleasure and an exercise in perfection of flavor. Something you would think would come out of Naples, Italy was in fact being re-imagined by a creator of salsa? Isaac says, you dont put the salsa on the pizza. They dont go together. He says that secret of a great pizza is 4 things.

  1. is a brick oven, preferably built in Pompeii oven style.
  2. is the highest quality sauce fresh made with his special blend of spices that he sources from the wild.
  3. is the dough that must be made just so, the exact amount of salt content he says is crucial and your dough should be light and springy, made from scratch the day before.
  4. is "me" he says. Then he graciously said "If you want to learn I will show you". 

Chef Isaac Horton

Stop by for a homemade chai!

B happy, B healthy, B considerate, B lighthearted, B productive, B visionary, B peace, B forgiveness, B yourself, B someone who's check goes through.

We are a cash based business but we take every form of payment under the sun. If we dont take it this week, just ask and well take it next week. We do not accept nuts as payment either in currency or representative.